The MetaMechanic

My name is Adam Duus. I am a researcher working on a suite of projects and ideas. I learn, apply and develop a toolbox of methods and models for these.

The role ‘Metamechanic’ denotes my preferred approach of investigating mechanisms underlying or beyond orthodox views and values of an issue.

Here I post blog articles, outlines of projects under development and ideas for the future. However, my research is housed on my knowledge wikimap.

Don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to hear thoughts, suggestions, critique and questions on anything you read here. I am on Twitter and Pinterest.

These projects require collaboration and resources if they are going to launch. If you like what you see and feel you could contribute, get in touch.

Projects to inspire, inquire, invigorate.

Attempting to clarify quandary, identify leverage points and offer more pleasant alternatives.

Society. Spirituality. Science. Service.

Scientifically sound. Spiritually substantial.        Socially sensitive. Symbiotic service.


on the edge, beyond the horizon, and in the depths

MacroScience & MetaTechnology

A bigger concept of science. A higher concept of technology.
Metamechanics retools modern icons and leverages enlightened ideas.

Fresh alternatives

Persistent problems require a radical review.
Metamechanics provides an alternative to revolution.

Collaborate.Innovate. Illuminate.Elevate.

Recognizing the “I” as well as the “us” in genius.

Futures Studies

Thinking critically and creatively about the future to aid decision making, empower agency and heal conflict in the present.

Knowledge Cartography

Surveying knowledge terrains, mapping data repositories and situating informational resources to mine wisdom and well-being.


Employing the concept of energy and its forms and flows to inter-relate, understand and optimise complex systems and models.


Nondual Spirituality

Drawing guidance and inspiration from the teachings that have stood the test of time, space, person, place, and beyond.

Drop Me a Line

I would love to hear ideas, suggestions, critique and questions on anything you read here, or otherwise.

Pillars, Principles, Levers and Lenses

MacroScience & MetaTechnology

  • Space-time separation mechanism
  • Heirarchy of technology
  • Truth vs Truth-tools
  • Holofractal Universe
  • Authentic, reflexive, critical science
  • Metamechanical mathematics

Holistic Health & World Well-being

  • Projection: power, pollution, pain, punishment
  • Wisdom distillation and discernment
  • Knowledge nutrition
  • Massaging civilizational knots
  • Inspired resource utilization
  • Recognising resistance and biases

Myth, Metaphor, Analogy & Archetype

  • Form vs Content
  • Magnetic images
  • Unconscious narratives
  • Inter-domain comparators
  • Inspired interpretation
  • Meta-for

Visual Knowledge & Info-Geometry

  • Knowledge cartography
  • Argument & issue mapping
  • Debate visualization
  • Charting discourse
  • Visual language
  • Folded writing & stretchtext

Time Tools

  • Deep futures
  • Transformative foresight
  • Alternative history
  • Vertical time
  • Macrohistory
  • The infinite now

Wicked Problems & Social Messes

  • Problem-solution-process interdependency
  • Complexity, chaos & systems theory
  • Debate deconstruction and diagramming
  • Loosening civilisational knots
  • Panoramic-nanoramic perspectives
  • Nexus pareto leveraging

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