Enough For All

Illuminating and illustrating deeper roots of (in)sufficiency...

...so that more may be more and have more.

Fresh Alternatives

Alternative Futures, Religion, Economics, Science, History...and more.

Identifying, distilling, generating, distinguishing and sharing genuine alternatives.

Global Effort

Global Energy, Futures, Foresight and Transitions

Mapping, analysing and critiquing the future of the world's energy systems.


Diagramming knowledge.

Tools to situate and re-locate qualitative data to uncover novel knowledge structures.


Forgiveness. Compassion. Kindness.

Not a new religion; just another reminder.

Inner Beginner

For those beginning the journey within

Alternatives to traditional religion, mainstream atheism and the shallow new age for those searching for a deeper, more rigorous framework of understanding.

Behind. Below. Beyond.

Behind the facade. Below the surface. Beyond the horizon.

Analysis of current affairs identifying grander narratives and deeper patterns.


Australian New Energy Organisation

The Australian chapter of a global new energy movement, supporting local thinkers and tinkerers in the field of free energy.


Zengineering the noosphere

Developing a suite of temporal tools and transdisciplinary techniques based on universal principles to enhance problem solving.