Time tools

Ancient wisdom. Lessons from history. Grand patterns. Futures techniques. Transdisciplinary universals. Timeless whispers.

Metamechanic projects use multiple time models and mechanisms to address challenges.

Myth, Metaphor, Analogy and Archetype

Technology gives a modern twist on universal stories and fundamental symbols. The question is, what tale to write? What meaning to choose? How to break the spell?

Metamechanic projects emphasise agency and responsibility in navigating our epic adventure.

Holistic Health & World Well-Being

Seeking health beyond the individual physical body.
Generating wealth beyond the personal pocket.

Metamechanic projects uncover and highlights links between
personal fitness and civilizational integrity, individual lack and planetary poverty.

Visual Knowledge & Information Geometry

Combining knowledge structures and philosophical frameworks for knowledge discovery, creation, application, retention and reinterpretation.

Wicked Problems, Social Messes & Civilizational Knots

Problems that are defined vaguely, in multiple ways, or not even at all. Recalcitrant conditions, recurring issues, repetitive dramas. Are there common causes, overlapping factors and hidden agents? Metamechanic projects assume there are and go investigating.

MacroScience & MetaTechnology

  • Space-time separation mechanism
  • Hierarchy of technology
  • Truth vs truth-tools
  • Holofractal universe
  • Metamechanical mathematics
  • Macroenergetics

Holistic Health & World Well-Being

  • Wisdom distillation, depth and discernment
  • Knowledge nutrition
  • Projection of power, pollution and pain
  • Massaging civilisational knots
  • Inspired resource utilization
  • Civilisational placebo

Time Tools

  • Deep futures
  • Transformative foresight
  • Alternative history
  • Vertical time
  • Macrohistory
  • The infinite now

Wicked Problems & Social Messes

  • Problem-Solution-Process Interdependency
  • Complexity-Chaos-Systems Theory
  • Debate deconstruction & diagramming
  • Loosening civilisational knots
  • Panoramic-nanoramic perspectives
  • Nexus pareto leveraging

Myth, Metaphor, Analogy & Archetype

  • Form vs Content
  • Magnetic images
  • Unconscious narratives
  • Inter-domain comparators
  • Inspired interpretation
  • Meta-for

Visual Knowledge & Data Geometry

  • Knowledge cartography
  • Argument mapping
  • Folded writing & stretchtext
  • Visual language
  • Debate visualization
  • Charting discourse

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