MacroScience & MetaTechnology

A bigger concept of science. A higher concept of technology.

Metamechanics retools modern icons and leverages enlightened ideas.

Society. Spirituality. Science. Service.

Scientifically sound. Spiritually substantial. Socially sensitive.

Metamechanic projects rely on cultivating communities of critical, compassionate thinkers to harvest collective IQ, EQ & SQ.

Fresh approaches to persistent problems

Persistent problems require a radical review. Metamechanic projects provide an alternative to stale thought.

Our projects question dominant assertions, prevailing assumptions, and the efficacy of orthodox approaches.

Collaborate. Illuminate. Innovate. Elevate.

Individual expertise. Collective intelligence. Collaborative insight.

Metamechanics recognizes the "I" and the "us" in genius. Bring your magic lamp to light up the world.

Getting to the heart of the matter

Illuminating deep factors and uncovering layers of function.

Metamechanic endeavours examine motivation, meaning, method and mechanism, leading ultimately to a coherent, clear message of hope.

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