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Welcome to the Metamechanic

A suite of projects. A space of ideas. A set of tools.


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Metamechanic: projects to ignite and illuminate

A spark in the dark: These projects are an attempt to address some significant gaps in approaching some significant challenges.

Metamechanic: Projects needing you!

Many minds in harmonic alignment are needed to successfully address the big issues. We need you and your superpowers.

Resources Required

Metamechanic: alternative approaches to crises and challenges

Do you feel like the world is going around in circles? Well, we would agree.

That’s why we promote and propose alternative perspectives and tools to approach our problems, even including analysis of what constitutes an “alternative”.

Metamechanic: a network of projects recognising connections

While each project stands alone, each also can support and inform the others. They share common tools and principles.

Connect and conspire

Metamechanic: collaborative projects building something bigger

Many minds in harmonic alignment are needed to successfully address the big issues. We need you and your superpowers.

Resources required

Metamechanic: Tools to orient, transform and enrich

We take the view that there are many more tools available to us than are being deployed. And conversely, there are many being used that should have been done away with long ago.

Welcome to the Metamechanic

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Projects to Ignite and Illuminate

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Society. Spirit. Science. Service.

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Fresh approaches to persistent problems

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